Real wedding Megan&Alvaro

in und um Cádiz herum fand diese wundervolle Hochzeit statt. Megan und Alvaro, zwei Nationalitäten – zwei Sprachen, eine wunderschöne Feier. Aber ich lasse Megan das alles erzählen, denn sie war live dabei……

We knew we were going to have a unique wedding from the start, wanting to blend traditions from both our cultures and speaking both our languages, especially so all our guests would understand what was going on.



At first I had my heart set on a beach wedding, and Alvaro wanted to get married in a castle. But mainly due to a lot of red-tape and logistical issues, we began looking into a more full-service venues. When we first visited El Cortijo we were completely won over by the extremely helpful and friendly staff, as well as the multitude of services they offer. Of course, in May everything was green and blooming and just breathtaking.

I especially wanted to highlight the importance of Cádiz, the city where we met and now live, in our relationship. So our entire wedding (invitation) suite was designed around our favorite places in the city. I drew the illustrations and Alvaro designed all the papergoods, versions in Spanish and English. I hand addressed all the invitations.


I loved the idea of incorporating Spanish tiles in the wedding, as well as using items for double-duty; as an escort card as well as favor. Since we were renovating our apartment at the same time as planning the wedding, I saw a huge variety of tiles, but I really wanted the old fashioned handpainted style. We ended up finding a local artisan who more or less made our tiles to order.

I knew I wanted to use whatever flowers were in season, and ended up buying almost everything from local florists in the Plaza de Flores. I visited numerous times to check on what was available, and ordered what I could get in our wedding colors a few days before the wedding. I was lucky enough to be able to rely on my family to put it all together perfectly.

We also tried to reuse and recycle as much as possible, so all our flower vases were recycled from use at home or from the bar my husband manages. The wedding backdrop were our bedroom curtains, the picture frames normally hang on our living room wall, etc.

I started growing succulents from cuttings almost two years before the wedding, and had plants that originated in California, Scotland, Iceland and from around Spain. I knew I wanted lots of live, growing things, as well as numerous take-away gifts.

A few of the details I had planned on fell to the wayside, but that mostly had to do with the fact that we were DIY remodeling our apartment at the same time as DIY wedding planning, and in the end having a working bathroom for guests became more important than the perfectly drawn menu chalkboard.

We also had unexpected weather which changed last minute where our celebration was held (not to mention our bridal photos!). So instead of an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful patio full of plants and a handmade backdrop, we were changed to an indoor salon with almost no decorations.



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